Patron of the Event - Dimitar Glavchev

Prof. George Chobanov, Dr.Sc.

Dr. Dimitar Tonev

Event Leader - Velislava Petrova

Andrey Novakov

Mariya Gabriel

Svetlin Nakov

Dr. Kameliya Terziyska

Dr. Stanislav Harizanov

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Prof. George Chobanov, Dr.Sc.

Director of the High-Tech Business Center of Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski Chair of the Centre for China Economics and Politics at Sofia University St Kliment Ohridski.

He will present his topic about "Human's destiny ethics versus robots."

Svetlin Nakov is inspirer of thousands of young people to start with programming and technologies. He has 15+ years of experience like software developer, management of IT projects, lecturer and consultant, he is author of 7 books for programming, lecturer of hundreads of conferences, seminars and educations. Through the years Svetlin Nakov recorded and published several hundread free video lessons of programming and software technologies with over 100 000 views in YouTube. He is winner of the "John Atanasov" prize from the President of Republic of Bulgaria for his contribution for developing the information technologies and the information society. Like entrepreneur Svetlin has started different businesses several times - a successful ones and others who are not. His most significant initiative is the Software University (SoftUni), in which are educated 20 000 people for a year in the spheres of programming and digital skills. The initiative gave profession to thousands of young people. Svetlin Nakovs dream is to make Bulgaria the silicone valey of Europe.